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  • klubinho podcast klubcast castro (BR) tech-house klubcastklubinho podcast klubcast castro (BR) tech-house klubcast

    KLUBCAST0042 – Special Guest CASTRO (BR)

    With great energy and sympathy on the dance floors, CASTRO (BR) presented us with a hot and dancing set. Enjoy

  • Osvaldo&Beat Klubinho Podcast Klubcast KLUBCAST0040 Tech-House TechOsvaldo&Beat Klubinho Podcast Klubcast KLUBCAST0040 Tech-House Tech

    KLUBCAST0040 – Special Guest Osvaldo&Beat

    Osvaldo Gonzalez Orihuela, better known as Osvaldo&Beat, began his career as a producer when he was 20 years old, he is currently 23 years old, the artist is of Mexican origin, he has tracks that are very well positioned in the best record companies in his country, his inspiration born from lucid dreams in which he creates the tracks and when he wakes up he plasmas them in FL Studio, future projects are to play in elrow, position some tracks in Happy techno and in some other big record companies in other countries. Now he comes to us with an amazing mix!

  • KLUBCAST0039 - Kry Klubinho PodcastKLUBCAST0039 - Kry Klubinho Podcast

    KLUBCAST0039 – Special Guest KRY

    with his guitar. In 2009, with the amazing DJ mix by Paul Martin for the Vladivostok FM radio station from GTA IV, he discovered house music and now he brings an amazing mix for us!

  • klubinho podcast undercod klubcast0038 technoklubinho podcast undercod klubcast0038 techno

    KLUBCAST0038 – Special Guest UNDERCOD

    affiliates, sought to use his experience as a clubber to deepen his musical studies and shape himself every day as a DJ and Producer and today in bringing this fantastic set!

  • klubinho podcast klubcast klubcast0036 caio cenci house music disco danceklubinho podcast klubcast klubcast0036 caio cenci house music disco dance

    KLUBCAST0036 – Special Guest CAIO CENCI

    Caio Cenci, DJ, and producer, with soul and effervescent musical essence, take Disco and Funk through the House, and nothing more than bringing a young Brazilian promise to the first episode of KLUBCAST this year that promises a lot of good stuff.

  • klubinho podcast klubcast klubcast0035 damn square tech houseklubinho podcast klubcast klubcast0035 damn square tech house

    KLUBCAST0035 – Special Guest – DAMN SQUARE

    Coming to the last episode of this year, with a fantastic set full of Damn Square groove's, Geziel Lima is the name behind the project that has been standing out and gaining space in the underground scene with each song released. Versatility, quality, and joy define your sets, and this is our new year gift to you, see you in 2021.