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  • KLUBCAST0016 - Special Guest - WILLIAN PIRES

    KLUBCAST0016 – Special Guest – WILLIAN PIRES

    Our guest this week is Brazilian Willian Pires (@willianpires), dj and producer for over 10 years, has had his releases by labels like Typ3 Recrods, Klaphouse Records, Casa do Conde and presents us with this delicious set.

  • KLUBCAST0015 - Special Guest LEANDRO MOURA

    KLUBCAST0015 – Special Guest LEANDRO MOURA

    Our special guest today has a strong and strong identity, he is Leandro Moura. His sound brings a lot of feeling and at the same time leaves that faint feeling of wanting to dance and spend hours enjoying the good old techno, and with that he presents us with a special set.

  • KLUBCAST0014 - Special Guest VINNO

    KLUBCAST0014 – Special Guest VINNO

    In this new episode, our special guest is VINNO. Brazilian DJ and Producer who can convey his essence through music, not clinging to labels and always bringing something new, but especially within House Music, its genres and subgenres. One of his biggest releases was an official remix for one of the biggest House Music projects in the world, the German duo Milk & Sugar, where he participated in an EP, is the second Brazilian to remix the duo, which came out on the label Milk & Sugar Records. , and now he introduces us to this stuffed groove set.

  • KLUBCAST0013 - Special Guest ATHOS CONCEPT

    KLUBCAST0013 – Special Guest ATHOS CONCEPT

    Our special guest on this episode is Athos Concept, the Brazilian producer who always acts with electrifying performances and gives rise to lively, engaging shows, providing unique moments for those who don't know him yet and serving as a guarantee of a hectic dance floor for the Techno and Tech House lovers.

  • KLUBCAST0012 - Special Guest Nagash

    KLUBCAST0012 – Special Guest NAGASH

    For our 12th Klubcast we present you Nagash, from Klubinho’s roster. He gives us this special podcast that crosses genres between Tech House and Techno, with many recent and unreleased tracks from Klubinho & Tropical Club. Highlights for the track '911' by Plus beat'Z (Tropical Club), the 'Only One EP' by GIORG (Klubinho) and his own debut release 'Dare Devil' out soon on Klubinho with remixes from Plus Beat'Z, ROV and 262.

  • KLUBCAST0011 - Special Guest NES!

    KLUBCAST0011 – Special Guest NES!

    In this new Klubcast, our special guest is Nes! (@nes_music) the alter ego of London-based DJ and producer Romulo Pierotti. Founder of DJ agency and event producer Culture Management as well as culturemusic record label, he began his career in 2008. Initially specializing in progressive trance / techno transition sets, he currently plays conceptual aspects of house music. As a member of Locomotion, he had the opportunity to play in major events and clubs such as: London Club (Londrina-PR), Sunset Session (Santa Maria-RS), 00 (Rio de Janeiro-RJ), Earthdance (Curitiba-PR), among others and was on the same line-up as big names in electronic music worldwide. His sets value worked melodies and dense grooves, always seeking great dynamics.

  • KLUBCAST0010 - Special Guest STARK D

    KLUBCAST0010 – Special Guest STARK D

    In this episode we bring STARK D. Throughout his childhood, STARK D he was surrounded by classic records. Around 1998, he was a DJ at parties and venues in the São Paulo region, developing his reputation as an innovator for the public. Be able to play guitar and keyboards as well as DJ; Producing was the next inevitable step, as its reputation increased its reach both nationally and internationally. After moving to England, in less than a year his work was recognized and in 2011 he decides to study the music industry in-depth, and together with his friend Michel Moraes, they founded the Vintage Music Label label,

  • KLUBCAST0009 - Special Guest LOSTEC

    KLUBCAST0009 – Special Guest LOSTEC

    In this episode, our special guest is LOSTEC, is a Brazilian born and raised in Mundo Novo MS, producer of the genuine German Techno that began to materialize in the year 2013. His intense sound, which seeks reference in the pioneers of Detroid techno and Acid techno. LOSTEC seeks an atmosphere with percussions and more somber melodies. Without further ado, all his dedication is observed on the track. He has already presented us with releases here at Klubinho and now brings us this fantastic set.

  • klubcast0008 special guest pavzo

    KLUBCAST0008 – Special Guest PAVZO

    In this episode, our special guest is Pavzo, a young producer based in Toronto, Canada, who with his sharp technique and extraodinary ear presents us with a set stuffed with grooves and transitions that make any dance floor go crazy. With releases by Swerve Digital, Mood Funk, Rawsome, Habitat, OneFold DGTL and also here by Klubinho, Pavzo demonstrates that he is here to stay.

  • KLUBCAST0007 - Special Guest FELIPE MICHELIN

    KLUBCAST0007 – Special Guest FELIPE MICHELIN

    In this episode, our special guest is Felipe Michelin, Brazilian producer who has been highlighting mainly for his authorial tracks with melodies and amazing grooves. Influenced by songs from the '70s and '80s since childhood, he's been fascinated by Techno and House Music and has already launched his works in several around the world, including here at Klubinho.