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  • klubinho podcast klubcast klubcast0036 caio cenci house music disco dance

    KLUBCAST0036 – Special Guest CAIO CENCI

    Caio Cenci, DJ, and producer, with soul and effervescent musical essence, take Disco and Funk through the House, and nothing more than bringing a young Brazilian promise to the first episode of KLUBCAST this year that promises a lot of good stuff.

  • klubinho podcast klubcast klubcast0035 damn square tech house

    KLUBCAST0035 – Special Guest – DAMN SQUARE

    Coming to the last episode of this year, with a fantastic set full of Damn Square groove's, Geziel Lima is the name behind the project that has been standing out and gaining space in the underground scene with each song released. Versatility, quality, and joy define your sets, and this is our new year gift to you, see you in 2021.

  • KLUBCAST0034 Special Guest Luzzar Klubinho Podcast

    KLUBCAST0034 – Special Guest LUZZAR

    Luzzar is the name of the electronic music project created by producer João Luiz Antunes Rodrigues. With releases on labels such as Muzenga Records and No Topo Music, it already has 40 thousand listeners and more than 70 thousand monthly streams only on Spotify. With a mix of classic instruments, synthwave, and strong bass, its productions are bold and original, leaving his influences in his productions are increasingly implicit, and today he presents us with a very hot set!

  • KLUBCAST0033 Black Hertz Minimal Melodic Techno Klubinho

    KLUBCAST0033 – Special Guest BLACK HERTZ

    The aesthetics of the sublimity and beauty of the nature of Black Hertz sound finds its roots in introspection. As can be seen from listening to yout autoral set, intuition and emotion are the basis of his creative process, finally resulting in a minimal solid melodic. His approach to life, spontaneous and passionate, the Black Hertz Project has been building a beautiful history in his national career and great international feedbacks, such as: Maya Jane Coles, Sam Divine, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Hozho among others, and you can listen here, enjoy!

  • klubinho podcast klubcast0032 voxicode special guest set dj techhouse techno

    KLUBCAST0032 – Special Guest VOXICODE

    Today, VOXICODE who presents us with his sonority is that from vinyl DJing to the modernity of studios, from the birth of House, training as a Producer has built his trajectory and development of the artist, who since 1988 admires and follows Electronic Music, being part of the scene as an enthusiast, project creator, DJing and training other artists. Voxicode is a revelation in electronic music and comes without labels, connecting your listener to a journey between old-school harmony and futuristic thinking, the essential fusion between elements together with the perfect beat, between the past and the modern ideal of sounds.

  • KLUBCAST0031 - Special Guest - OLECKO

    KLUBCAST0031 – Special Guest OLECKO

    In our new episode, direct from Poland the guest artist is Olecko, who in his sound shows that Magic is in minimal sound.

  • KLUBCAST0030 - Gaarcia - Techno Tech-House House

    KLUBCAST0030 – Special Guest GAARCIA

    DJing since 1995 and an unconditional tech-house lover, his work has great influence from funk-soul, disco, house which always takes a lot of swing to your sound. He's our new Klubcast special guest!

  • klubcast0029 special guest The Flamme Tech-House HOuse Music

    KLUBCAST0029 – Special Guest THE FLAME

    The FLAMME project, which has as inspiration and reference artists like Alaia and Gallo, Jean Bacarreza, Puka, Earth n Days, among many others of the same segment, brings in its set a very danceable mix of tech house, house music full of songs energy, synths and striking vocals thus making it have a different, unique and captivating musical identity.

  • KLUBCAST0028 - Special Guest TAKING WAVES

    KLUBCAST0028 – Special Guest Taking Waves

    The taste for electronic music comes from long before the duo Felipe Almeida and Guilherme Nunes started DJing. But in 2017, the friendship and the desire to learn more about music brought the two together to become DJs and producers through the Taking Waves project. Going through strands ranging from house to techno, and with a focus on dance music, the important thing for them is to take a lot of waves and make everyone have fun

  • KLUBCAST0027 - Special Guest 262

    KLUBCAST0027 – Special Guest 262

    Original from Goiânia, Brazil, Fernando Rossi, has a long history with e-music. Since childhood, his passion for the sounds coming from drum machines and synthesizers was present. But it was when he moved to the interior of São Paulo, in 2016, that music became a key part of his life. Then 262 was born, a project that uses dance music as an excuse, and strolls between house, minimal and techno. 262 has already shared the stage with names such as Eli Iwasa, Renato Ratier, Spuri, Gui Boratto and, currently, dedicates himself to the collective NEST, which aims to promote the underground music scene in the interior of São Paulo. His sets are not tied to a genre, but to the energy that the artist wants to provide to listeners. Groove and dense rhythms are what make up the sound of the mix in question. No more words, listen!